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Looking for the best fixed blade knives? KRUDO Knives has you covered. Our selection of fixed knives is perfect for anyone who needs a high-quality cutting instrument that can stand up to tough conditions. Whether you’re looking for a tactical knife, hunting knife, survival knife, combat knife, boot knife, throwing knife, or any other type of fixed blade knife, KRUDO Knives has the right tool for your needs.

Our fixed blade knives provide the perfect balance of quality and custom knife feel. From small, concealed carry knives to tactical tomahawks, we use only the highest quality materials to ensure that our knives meet the most demanding standards. We take great pride in offering the best fixed blade knives on the market, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and service.

At KRUDO Knives, we understand that reliability is essential, no matter what situation you may encounter. That’s why our fixed blade knives are designed to exceed your expectations, providing you with a cutting instrument that you can count on in any situation. So why wait? Browse our selection of fixed blade knives and tools today and experience the difference that a KRUDO Knife can make.

  • FLEA DT is another unique departure from all of Louis Krudo’s bladed designs. Made in one of the smallest forms possible for a knife, this blade is modeled after the military style dog tag.  With a ‘business end” that measures only 1.425 inches, FLEA DT will get the big or small jobs done. Full stainless steel, one-sided hollow grind, lanyard attached, cool factor cut-outs, Kydex sheath, and 2 ball chains complete the package. Relentlessly fierce, FLEA DT stands in a class all its own.  
  • MANIKOMIO Fixed Blade

    Krudo’s father is the inspiration for this design as well as the name of MANIKOMIO. His father, Salvadore, Sal for short, had an endearing nickname that only his closest friends were allowed to call him; “Manikomio”. Sal had a great sense of humor, was highly energetic, willing to take on a friendly dare, was extremely brave and respected in his circles. Krudo’s father still influences his work and his life  

    FACTORY 2ND’S are now available! While supplies last.

    Factory 2nd blades are just as functionally fit and come with the same KRUDO Knives warranty that you know & trust, but have some cosmetic difference(s).

    Possible reasons a knife is considered a Factory 2nd would be smudge, scratch, color variance, chatter mark, some cosmetic inconsistency. 

    You get a fully functional KRUDO Knife at a fraction of the cost. There will, however, be some unique, cosmetic difference that makes this item a 2nd.

    No coupons or added discounts will apply to any Factory 2nd item.

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    Powerful protection in a small package, the SNAGette by KRUDO Knives takes concealment to the next level. Meant for close quarters, the fixed blade can be used for offensive or defensive postures while gripped firmly in your hand. Lightweight and ready for action, it looks mean just sitting on the table. Perfect for your key chain, the element of surprise is on your side. Go ahead, create blade envy with the SNAGette. Check out the video below to see the SNAG & SNAGette family of products in action.
  • MMF

    This is the 1st knife Louis KRUDO produced after the release of SNAG. He named this knife with a clear meaning. The MMF stands for "Mean Mother Fuc..." and the serious and bold design earns every bit of that name. In the words of the designer, "it is a real ass whooper." Inspired by the RAW fixed blade knife, the MMF is lighter and meaner, making perfect for offensive, defensive and various other tactical uses. Design characteristics brings versatility to the knife, providing thrusting, slashing, and ice pick positions to work comfortably in your hands. Need an aggressive hunting or fishing knife? The MMF does the job regardless of the environment.

    Welcome to the HAIKU by KRUDO Knives which is the knife that ends just like it begins. This was the 2nd design Louis KRUDO produced after releasing SNAG.  Made popular by it's staring appearance in the 2013 movie, Zombie Massacre - its coveted by enthusiasts around the globe. The HAIKU is a fixed blade knife that is both effective and comfortable in a thrusting or ice pick position. It was inspired from the design of the KRUDO "RAW" knife, but meant to be lighter and sexier. A perfect tool for tactical situations and every day use such as camping, fishing, hunting and zombie killing.
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    When you hold the SNAG Fixed Blade 2.0 in your hands, you can feel the quality that comes from KRUDO Knives expert design and manufacturing. The perfect fixed blade knife for both self defense and daily usage such as camping, fishing and hunting. The SNAG Fixed Blade 2.0 knife is the complimentary version of the SNAG folder made by Louis Krudo. This design comes with light weight carbon fiber handles and a pointed and aggressive ring that can act as additional pain compliance tool. Add the SNAG Fixed Blade 2.0 to your SNAG collection to make it a complete set. Check out the Video below to see the SNAG family of tools in action.
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    Ready for action and mean as a snake, the KRONA Fixed Blade gives a confidence boost anytime you need it. This compliment to the KRONA folder is perfect for tactical or daily usage and will stand up to whatever situation you may have. The KRONA Fixed Blade knife is enhanced with the KRUDO Knives signature Morse Code grips, adding extra hold with an added touch. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best, the KRONA Fixed Blade is the quality knife you need now.
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