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KRUDO Knives History

Welcome to KRUDO Knives

 KRUDO Knives was founded in 2006 but, the concept of the company really began in 1999. It just took that long to find the way to go from an idea to actually having the ability to mass produce the knives.

 After the creation of SNAG Knives and Controllers (pain management tools) I decided to produce different knife designs. 
 These design prototypes are tested within my classes and in the field by specialized groups. 

SNAG (the flagship of the company) made its debut at the 2010 Atlanta Blade Show.

Please take a few more minutes and read below on how SNAG came to be. 

Thank you
Louis Krudo

A Brief History of
The latter part of 1993, while studying Okinawan Karate under SOKE James R. Horne, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a martial arts by the name of Kali followed by another Filipino art called ARNIS which derives its name from the Spanish "arnis de mano" literally meaning "harnessing of the hand".

A key element to the art is the incorporation of various weapons that not only enhance the fighting style but add practical application to the ability to fuse both into one movement.

While reading an article on specific tools I happened to lose focus on the utility of the item and concentrate on the shapes and how they could be developed into a more compact object such as a knife or striking instrument.

After a period of trial and errors making templates out of everyday items like cardboard, plastic and wood I presented the idea to a few trusted souls and did a little brain storming to see if I could get this off of the ground. As fate would have it, I was told that the look and shape of my 1st design was extremely aggressive and would not be well received. So,  I put this 1st design on the back burner for a while ( 3.5 years to be exact ).

After 3+ years I decided to build the knife... unfortunately during that time another designer came up with almost the same design. Now that was upsetting. At the same moment I had an epiphany. Back to the garage and some wood carving.

After a bit of trial and error, glue and saw blades I had a primitive example of what is now in production and is aptly named:


Versatile- can be used without an edge or point but is available with both! 

Dynamic- your imagination is the only limit to its capabilities.
Devastating- ensures your intended subject experiences the most in "PAIN MANAGEMENT". 

Simple- designed to take the guess work out of the application.
Easy to Use- because of the shape and leverage, smaller individuals with diminished strength can deploy the S.N.A.G. just as competently and with the same effects as individuals much larger and stronger.